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How Will You Remember Your Holiday?
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We Install Lights So You Can Make The Most of Your  Valuable Time Off

Don’t trust your home and holiday to amateur landscape companies posing as professional installers. Work with a company that delivers on its promises.

We guarantee you will love working with us. Have the peace of mind that only comes with a company that delivers timely service that is done right and with care for an exceptional experience.

Need Some Design Inspiration?



Or get an estimate appointment with our easy online scheduler.

Give Us A Ring To Get Started

Whether you plan to install your own lights or want to hire a professional, our guide can kick-start your design. Download our guide to designing the perfect lights display.

We have teamed up with the very best
Central Texas has to offer.

Did You Know? We Sell Lights! 


Do you plan on DIYing your installation and want access to pro-grade lights not found in stores?

Skip the store to avoid cheap quality at a retail markup. Order now, so we can deliver your lights in time for the holidays.


Reasons to use our pro-quality lights not found in storesː unmatched quality, durability, longevity, low maintenance, energy efficiency (up to 10x more light strands per outlet!), ease of installation, safety, and beauty.


Custom Cut Lights Strands That Perfectly Fit Your Home’s Roof, Windows, Door And More?


We got you covered. If installing lights yourself, give us your design specs, and we will provide the perfect match. Need help with your measurements? Our pro techs can help measure your home for your custom lights order.

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