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Good help is hard to find. Especially, in the field of bee removal. Luckily, our experienced bee rescuers are available. Reach out to us to get help.

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What makes us different?


We access hives from even the hardest to reach places, like crawl spaces, in the walls, subfloors, elevated locations, etc.

Take as many special precautions as possible to keep you and your loved ones safe,

Gently remove the hive and clean bee pheromones to ensure future hives do not return,

Save as many bees as possible, bringing the bees to a sanctuary where they will be looked after,


Repair structures to their original condition.



"If you have a problem with bees, I highly recommend Nathan Alexander. He located and removed two hives from my house, and I have not had an issue since. He had to remove a substantial amount of siding from my porch to remove one hive, and had to cut through my floor upstairs to get to the other one. After removal, he treated the areas to deter the bees from returning. He did a remarkable job removing the hives and restoring the house to its original condition. Nathan was very professional and showed up timely to do the removals. I would not hesitate to use Nathan again if the bees return in the future."

— K. Cargal

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Bee swarm removal requires a rare, delicate touch.

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